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How We Made This 

Since 1996 A3DM has launched over 25,000 new Additively Manufactured products for Aerospace, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Fine Art, and Luxury applications.


For this 2019 Holiday Season, we decided to share our first "How We Made This"  revealing some of our unique pioneering projects in Additive Manufacturing.      


Our first project celebrates the contemporary artist Jeff Koons and his iconic sculpture "Rabbit" c 1986.


In May of 2019, "Rabbit" was sold at auction for a record breaking $91.1M , the highest price ever paid for a work by a living artist  


A3DM Technologies was privileged to engineeringng the 108 piece edition of "Rabbit in Platinum"  using our unique Additive Manufacturing technologies.


Chapter One

"The Scan Man" 

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