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Plasma Spheroidization

A3DM plasma technology reforms angular and agglomerated metal particles into dense spherical powders for Additive Manufacturing.

The process is "Refractory Free" where the potential of inclusions from melting crucibles is eliminated

Plasma Nano Processing

Our unique plasma reactor, where temperatures cool from 10,000K to 1,000K in less than 80ms, can also form dense nano-sized metal particles

Induction plasma produces dense spherical powders ideal for Particle Injection Molding and Additive Manufacturing technologies 

Spherical powders processed display high flow-ability and a superior Tap Density in these applications

Trumpf GmbH Research Partner 

For development of laser plotting and power parameters in advanced manufacturing for high temperature and high value materials 

Concurrent research focused on plasma processed metal powders in concert with laser operating parameters for the Trumpf TruPrint1000

A3DM Technologies is distinguished for over two decades as a leader in Additive Manufacturing for Platinum and Precious Metals. 

Expertise in product and process development extend to luxury, aerospace, medical, and telecommunications applications.

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